TMNT SH Figuarts Not Dead?? Splinter??

By August 2, 2017News

When word broke that the SH Figuarts Shredder, the next figure in the line set for release, was not on display at SDCC many fans panicked. Rumors began to swirl indicating a cancelled line.

I’m not saying the rumors aren’t warranted or that we will see Shredder but I returned from the National Sports Collectors Convention with a bit more optimism. I spoke with a GTS Distribution rep who told me Shredder was on display at SDCC but was not available for the public eye to see.

Then things got more interesting. The rep told me that SH Figuarts also had a prototype of Splinter! I have not heard any mentioning of future characters beyond Shredder so this came as a pleasant surprise.

Is the line done? If so why bring a prototype of Splinter to SDCC? Then again why not show them to the public? Unfortunately I have more questions than answers but the rep did say that nothing was set in stone yet and it could go either way. I’ll take that as a win as I was one of many worried that we had seen the last of Shredder and the line all together.

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