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By March 9, 2015News


Here is an ad featuring Konami’s handheld Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game from 1989. According to the ad, there are six different hand held devices featuring different games.

This ad was featured on the back of the TMNT Archie Adventure series issue #6. I will post more fun stuff from these books as I continue to sift through them.

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Toxic Avenger
Toxic Avenger
6 years ago

I had the exact model on display in this ad. If i remember correctly, the handheld was modeled after a level in the first NES Ninja Turtles game. The level in question was one where you had to swim underwater and avoid rotating propellers and electric seaweed that would sap your energy. The level was notorious for its difficulty on the NES and the handheld was even tougher. If you look at the ad, you can see the propeller. I believe you had to swim back and forth a total of 3 times without getting hit to deactivate a forcefield.… Read more »

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