Mega Bloks, Playmates, Out of the Shadows, and MONDO!

With my semester finally finished and summer time approaching I will now have more time to dedicate to the site. Let’s start off with some toy news!

Mega Bloks released their Classic Party Wagon and it looks awesome! The included figures are stellar as well. The current price on is $49.97. That is a little steep for my liking so I’ll be waiting until I get a few TRU coupons or when they have their Mega Bloks BOGO 40% off sale.


Classic Party Wagon

Series 2 of the Nickelodeon TMNT blind bags are also beginning to show up in stores. I pretty much became addicted to the first wave of these and I fully intend to army build with the Mousers and possibly Purple Dragons from series 2 if I can modify them enough. EBay is your friend for images of these guys. The Purple Dragon is the “rare” figure from wave 2 but I expect the Mousers to be difficult to track down due to their army building potential, much like the Kraang from series 1.

Finally, the big question has been answered in regards to Mega Bloks and their amazing Technodrome. The drome will be released on July 1st as a Toys R Us exclusive. That’s the good news! The not so good news is that the Technodrome will be $250.00. Now this set is going to contain a ridiculous amount of pieces and is stunning in appearance! However, most people don’t have $250.00 to spend on toys. I never really got into Mega Bloks or Legos prior to the new TMNT Mega Bloks stuff so that price might not be as crazy to some. I will get this but I am going to do my best to lower that $250.00 price. Remember, this will be limited so if you plan on buying the Technodrome I wouldn’t wait too long.

Moving on to Playmates Toys, Dire Beaver appears to be next as far as the Nickelodeon line is concerned. I am very pleased that this figure is seeing the light of day! It has popped up on eBay and Instagram so far. Let the hunt begin! There are also several different turtle variants showing up on the shelves. Nothing worth mentioning though, in my opinion.

The new TMNT: Out of the Shadows movie is looking like it will be pretty sick! We just got our first glimpse of Kraang and he looks downright mean and disgusting, just how the character should appear. I won’t spoil the image so if you have an interest, it is extremely easy to find on Instagram.

Lastly, it looks like MONDO will be pushing back the release date of the 1/6 scale Leonardo figure. Normally I would be upset by this news but MONDO is a different company. They actually care about their consumers and have updated all of us with the reasoning behind the delay. I certainly would rather wait for a near flawless product than receive a product that could have been improved only for the sole fact of getting it sooner. Check out the video below for the info and thank you for reading!






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