Ninja Turtles Season 3, Episode 7 “Eyes of the Chimera” review

By January 11, 2015Reviews


The turtles returned today with a brand new episode titled “Eyes of the Chimera”.

The episode started off where the last episode ended, which was a bright spot. I always enjoy series continuity rather than random plots that were just pulled out of the blue. We saw Speed Demon take a spill off of a cliff and explode. During the explosion, the mutagen spread through the air like wildfire and, you guessed it, created another mutant.

I love the new Nickelodeon show, I truly do, but this mutant of the week trend is getting old. I understand that new characters will be introduced but not all of them need to be mutants.

The new mutant this week is given the name “Turducken” (as seen in the photo above) by Michelangelo. The animal is a 3 creature hybrid (bird, worm and fish). I have to admit, the design is pretty cool looking and slightly reminds me of the Mega Mutants Needlenose figure from the 87 toon.

The Turducken captures Donnie, Raph, Mikey and Casey. This leads to April and an injured Leonardo to be the turtles’ and Casey’s only hope for rescue.

Donnie had tried to test April’s psychic powers early on in this episode using some Kraang technology. In turn, April was seeing through the eyes of the Turducken until the very end. This was an interesting idea and was a neat way of making April an important part of the rescue mission.

She gave Leo some heat for acting down and basically giving up on saving his brothers and Casey. Finally, she knocked some sense into him and the two went on to save the day. This was a nice change to see April interacting with Leo.

During the final screen, we see a cliche ending where the bad guy, Turducken in this case, is seen still alive and ready for revenge as he comes out of nowhere to annihilate a poor, unsuspecting squirrel eating an acorn.

The episode itself had meaning for the upcoming plot and that was to get the turtles ready to return to New York. Leonardo is now feeling like a leader again and his brothers, Casey and April only have one more episode before “Return to New York”. Next week’s episode is titled “Vision Quest” and it appears as if Leo is going to train his brothers for the fight of their lives. Don’t miss it and thank you for reading!


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The Sewer Den
6 years ago

I am also a little exhausted on the Mutant of the Week trend. This episode had its moments though – kind of a blind/injured samurai duo theme going for it.

I saw a preview of next week’s episode at NYCC, and it looked awesome. I think we’ll finally get a stellar episode that will bring us back to the core of the story.

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