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Unfortunately, I have been sick with the flu the last few days and I am still recovering. My review is a bit late but I was able to DVR the new episode from this past weekend and I really enjoyed it.

The episode is titled “Serpent Hunt” and as you can probably guess, the TMNT go in search for Karai. Well, as it turns out Anton Zeck and Ivan Steranko also search for Karai as they believe that if they find her, they can strike a deal with Shredder that will allow them to leave the city unharmed. Little do they know, they bit off a lot more than they could chew.

The TMNT found Karai rather quickly, considering the size of NYC, but then she manages to elude them off and on from there. Donnie used his brilliance and whipped up a DNA tracker to aid them in their search. Then enters Rahzar and Fishface just when the TMNT come face to face with Karai and it appears that she is understanding their attempt to help. Rahzar and Fishface take Karai from the turtles but soon she is intercepted by Anton and Ivan. These two call up Shredder to meet at the docks so they can try to strike a deal.

Never trust Shredder….he doesn’t want a deal, just his adopted daughter. It is interesting to see the Shredder talking about Karai because we still can’t tell whether Shredder just wants to control her and have something over Hamato Yoshi or if he truly does care about Karai.

Karai manages to escape, all thanks to the TMNT, and Shredder takes it out on Zeck and Steranko. This was something that fans, myself included, have been waiting for! The debut of Bebop and Rocksteady!! 🙂


I was a little worried that when these two were mutated that Rahzar and Fishface would be thrown to the wolves and not be Shredder’s henchmen any longer. It appears as if this won’t be the case as Rahzar and Fishface successfully aided Shredder in capturing Zeck and Steranko. I am also really happy that Baxter Stockman is playing a key role as I have much love for that character. His genius as a scientist will help Shredder tremendously and has already pleased me by creating two of the most famous cartoon characters in this franchise along with some of my favorite mutants, the Shredder Clones.

It will be interesting to see how Bebop and Rocksteady are used from here on out. Will they obey Shredder? Will their personalities align with their new bodies? Also, the question remains as to where Karai is at? Is the clue “east” and “comet” more than it appears to be? Or just a simple location? Overall, I applaud the writers on another great episode, cliff hanger ending and for supplying me with much anticipation for the future episodes. Thank you for reading.

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