Ninja Turtles Season 3, Episode 8 “Vision Quest” Review

By January 18, 2015Reviews


If you missed the new TMNT episode “Vision Quest”, I suggest that you find an online stream of it so you can partake in the excitement that I experienced today.

From start to finish, this episode had me hooked. Leonardo is hunting deer in the beginning scene and doesn’t take his shot. Next thing Leo knows, a deer is kicking his shell. Then the theme song hits and you have to stick around to see why a deer just destroyed one of our heroes!

As it turns out, the deer is from the spirit plane and it vanishes after a beam of light majestically covers it.

Upon returning to the farmhouse, the leader in blue tells his brothers that they must become one with nature and will enter the woods and live off the land.


The turtles receive a visit from Master Splinter’s soul while sitting around a campfire in the woods(a nod to the 1990 first live action film!). Splinter tells his sons that he is still alive but the turtles must confront their weaknesses on their own before going back to rescue him in NYC and take on the Shredder and the Kraang.

The TMNT split up and are put to the test after entering the spirit plane. Leo needs to overcome his injury and become the leader that he needs to be in order for the TMNT to defeat their enemies, Raph must deal with his anger issues, Mikey needs to clear his mind of…just about everything and Donnie needs to rely more on his body than his mind.

We get some very cool fighting action scenes in each of the four turtle’s spirit world encounters. It was nice seeing the foot, Shredder, Rahzar, Fishface and Tiger Claw again even if they were just visions. I absolutely loved the look of the mystic turtles!! My only complaint about the mystic turtles actually has nothing to do with the episode itself. It has to do with the mystic turtle figures that Playmates Toys is releasing. They are not accurate enough for my liking as they do not contain the whitish, greyish colored attire that the turtles sport in the actual episode (check them out Here). I feel that these colors give the turtles a darker, more serious tone rather than the corresponding turtle colors that Playmates gave the figures.

This episode concludes the Northampton farmhouse story arc and we are left with Leonardo walking with his brothers back to the farmhouse (Image above!). Leo looks at Casey and April and tells them that it is time to go back to New York!


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