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It’s no secret that I was extremely excited for this episode as I have been mentioning the last few weeks about how I love the Return to New York story arc in the original Mirage comics. Well, yesterday this episode aired and it did not disappoint!



The episode kicked things off with a new intro which features Bebop and Rocksteady, along with another old school character Mondo Gecko. Fans of the classic TMNT cartoon will surely be quite pleased to see this guy. Hopefully he will be debuting very soon.

The TMNT, Casey and April decide to construct a new vehicle and thus the Party Wagon is introduced and driven right into the heart of the Kraang invasion in NYC. The new Party Wagon looks awesome and is equipped with the best gadgets Donnie could come up with.

From there, business picks up. The turtles take on some Kraang Droids and some Foot-Bots before coming face to face with their Sensei Master Splinter, who seems to have lost his mind. Splinter is very primitive in his actions and does not have a clue who the TMNT are. The Foot-Bots interrupt the reunion by capturing Splinter and taking him back to the Shredder’s estate.

The TMNT, Casey and April follow the Foot-Bots and find some very unusual things. They end up in Baxter Fly’s laboratory where a captive Splinter lies. They wipe the floor with Baxter but the buzzing scientist has a huge surprise……(grin times 10!!!)


THE SHREDDER CLONES!!!! 🙂 I was ecstatic when I saw these three. Being a huge Mirage fan, I was smiling from ear to ear. The introduction of these three characters was the highlight of this episode for me. Although their appearance was short, I was still very pleased.

Splinter snapped out of his primitive state, with the help of April’s telepathic skills, and took on the Shredder clones. He even killed one by dropping him onto a huge fan, in which you could hear the fan shredding (no pun intended) the clone apart! I like how this show gets away with some darker scenes, similar to the great classic Batman the Animated Series.

I am glad that Splinter is back with his sons. However, I do feel that they could have drug out the search and rescue for Splinter for maybe another episode. It felt a tad bit rushed to have him back so soon but I guess with Karai and Kirby O’Neil still out there, the searching and rescuing is far from over.

The TMNT and company are then interrupted by Shredder and the Foot. It is not the right time to fight though, so the turtles drop a smoke screen and vanish.

We then see the guys cruising in the new Party Wagon but where do they go? The sewers aren’t safe. Oh wait, hold that thought, Tiger Claw somehow gets on the Party Wagon and is taken out by a deer head shooting fire (yes, that happened).

Upon pondering where to hideout, Mikey comes up with the great idea to stay at the abandon Antonio’s Pizza-Rama (I hope Pizza Face isn’t waiting for them). The good guys arrive at Antonio’s and discuss their next move. April can feel her father close by and we see some flashes of the Kraang using the humans as slaves (one appearing to be Mr. O’Neil).


Now that the gang is all back together, it is time to find Hamato Yoshi’s daughter, Karai (Miwa), and it looks like the TMNT will be taking on maybe more than they can handle next week as we see Bebop and Rocksteady being mutated in the previews! All this and more, in next Sunday’s episode “Serpent Hunt”. Thank you for reading and have a great week!



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