The Noxious Avenger!

By May 22, 2015Reviews

I am several episodes behind in the new Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon series due to Hulu and the internet being my only sources for watching the show. I have decided that, since I am paying for Hulu, I will wait until the new episodes are added on there before I watch them.

One of the new episodes got me excited because it was a throwback of sorts. That episode is titled “The Noxious Avenger” and features an old school character known as Muckman.

The basic outline of this episode goes like this. Garson Grunge is a garbage man and is picking up trash in a building that Bebop and Rocksteady snuck in to get some Mutagen and Reagent-X that the Kraang had hidden there in a lab. The TMNT arrive and are spotted by Grunge.

Any guesses what happens next!? Well the obvious occurs while the TMNT and Shredder’s henchmen engage in combat…the Mutagen gets thrown out of the window and falls all over Garson Grunche turning him into…Muckman!


I like the new Muckman design. It is visually very similar in color but a bulkier and tougher looking version than the 87 version. The rubber ducky is pretty cool too! My biggest complaint is  Joe Eyeball. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that he was included but his voice?? It’s so awful and stupid sounding that it almost makes me wish that he wasn’t even included…

Anywho, Muckman blames the TMNT for his mutation but Joe Eyeball convinces Muckman to do good with his new body form. Muckman wrecks the Purple Dragons and becomes a hero in NYC. So basically the Purple Dragons, in wrestling terms, are the jobbers of the TMNT show. I wish they posed more of a threat as I have always loved that gang.

The TMNT are suspicious of the “hero news” and set out to see what Muckman is up to. Bebop and Rocksteady trick Muckman into believing that they have the cure and Muckman helps them search for chemicals that unknowingly to Muckman are aiding Bebop and Rocksteady rather than being the cure.

The TMNT come along and Muckman pukes on them. While this encounter occurs,  newscasters get some footage of the TMNT and air it on the news. Splinter is jacked and loses it on his sons, who then sneak out and search for Muckman.

Muckman realizes that he was duped and is drilled with Kraang security lasers so he pukes on Bebop and Rocksteady and destroys the chemicals. Joe tells Muckman that he should apologize to the TMNT so he distracts the media while the TMNT escape the warehouse (yes they arrived during this whole mess) and then Muckman explains to the news that the TMNT do not exist and that it must be some kids in turtle costumes…so let me get this straight…Muckman exists and that is OK by society but mutated turtles can’t and don’t? Hmmm….

Thank you for reading and hopefully Hulu adds “Clash of the Mutanimals” this weekend!


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