2015 Playmates Toys Dark Beaver Figure Review

By January 19, 2016Reviews

To date, the episode “In Dreams” is a top 5 favorite episode of mine from the Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon. The dark tone was very cool and pushed the boundaries of scariness in terms of what a kid’s cartoon can get away with nowadays. If you recall, this was the episode that featured the Dream Beavers. Basically they were terrifying creatures that haunted the dreams of the TMNT (or were they??).

Playmates toys announced that they would be producing two of the Dream Beavers for their TMNT action figure line: Dark Beaver and Dire Beaver. So far, one was released while the other has not reached the public but DVD, who supplies me with all the early release pics, does indeed have the Dire Beaver figure. Therefore, that provides us with some hope and my fingers are crossed that this figure will not be cancelled.

Anyway, I had a heck of a time finding Dark Beaver. When I finally did see him in stock on Toysrus.com, I bought him along with some other TMNT figures. Unfortunately, my order arrived and there wasn’t a Dark Beaver to be found in the contents. I looked online and the status said something along the lines of “located in warehouse”. A few days went by and I received a confirmation email that Dark Beaver was shipped…and here he is!



The Good: The sculpt of this figure is amazing! I absolutely love the appearance. Mostly all of the details are painted on the figure including the eyes, nose, whiskers, mouth, tooth, ears and fingernails. The skull design is painted on Dark Beaver’s torso as well and it looks great!


The beaver tail, which you will have to snap into place yourself upon opening, is very nicely sculpted with a rough texture covering the entire tail. There is even sculpted fur where the tail connects to the figure, giving it a messed up appearance. Actually, there is sculpted fur over the whole body of this guy. Some line detail can also be found on the back and neck of Dark Beaver.



The articulation is perfect, especially for a figure of this size. I personally don’t think that a highly articulated Dream Beaver would look right. We get a swivel neck, ball joint shoulders, hips and a swivel tail. The tail helps support the figure while standing but isn’t necessary to keep the figure upright. This guy looks so good posed, especially with the cocked Michael Myers head!


The Not So Good: The first thing that strikes me are the unpainted toe nails and feet. They don’t look terrible but they would look much better if even the toe nails were painted yellow like the finger nails. I would be fine without black or brown feet if the toe nails received some paint. Aside from that, I seriously don’t have any other negative aspects to point out on this figure.


I’m so happy to finally have this figure in hand and I am sure that he will be showing up in many of my Instagram photos. I guess I do have another complaint but it’s kind of more of a wish. I wish that Playmates Toys would release all of the Dream Beavers. Even if they all shared the same sculpt, I would buy them. I’m really hoping that we at least still get Dire Beaver or that will be a terrible tease. Thanks for reading!

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