2015 Playmates Toys Mondo Gecko Figure Review

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Last week I was visiting my brother in the Pittsburgh area and stopped by Toys R Us. To my surprise, a single Karai Serpent and several Mondo Gecko figures were hanging on the pegs. I picked up the Karai, as I have been having a tough time finding her, but decided to wait on Mondo as he was on my Christmas list.

Christmas came and went without Mondo Gecko as the new figures have been scarce back home. I received some Christmas money though and was heading back to Pittsburgh. Of course I made a stop at Toys R Us and lo and behold Mondo Gecko was still there. I price matched the figure to TRU’s online price and off I went.


As you can see Mondo Gecko comes packaged in the newer blister card along with his skateboard accessory. It would have been a crime had Mondo’s signature skateboard not been included.



If you are an avid TMNT figure collector like myself then you probably noticed some key differences between the released product and what we saw at New York Toy Fair. The missing paint apps are what strike me right off the bat. The elbow pads, knee pads and paint on the shoes and socks have completely vanished. In addition, the wrists and shins that were once painted yellow with some spots are now solid black. That doesn’t really bother me though as it just looks like Mondo is wearing a long sleeve shirt and compression pants. Blue elbow and knee pads would have been a nice touch though but at least the sculpt of the pads are present.

Mondo’s gloves were also changed up from the initial Toy Fair pictures. He featured solid black gloves but now we get biker gloves, which actually is how they are in the cartoon series so that is a plus! Mondo’s finger tips are an off white color too in both the show and the figure. Who doesn’t like show accuracy?


I love the sculpt of this figure and feel that Playmates did a nice job of making Mondo the perfect size too. Here is a better look at the unpainted shoe and sock detail. I am fine with the solid white socks but really would have liked to have had the shoe laces, sole of the shoe and lightning bolts painted white. Little details like the funky eyes, brown spots on Mondo’s skin and the bent bill on the hat are some nice touches though!


I like the sculpt of the tail but honestly I really wish Playmates would have added some brown spots. It comes across as a little cheap looking as is. A sloppy paint job on the shoes led to some blue spots on each sock as well.


Mondo looks absolutely awesome on his skateboard, which is how I will have him posed in the turtle room. The lack of articulation in the legs can make a perfect skateboard pose a little tricky at first though. Speaking of articulation, this figure features swivel hinged shoulders, swivel hinged hips, tail swivel, a swivel head and the hat can be moved a tad bit as well.

Unfortunately Mondo does not have any articulation in his knees or ankles. I really wish he had knee articulation because the bent knees could make for some different skateboard poses. Due to his lack of fighting ability (as his bio states), no articulation in the elbows or wrists is fine with me as he won’t be holding any weapons. I’ll be keeping his arms out for balance purposes while riding his skateboard across my lair.

I really do think that this figure looks great and fulfills my expectations but for a child it may not. My assumption is that the figure will come across as too stiff and not articulated enough to be fully played with. The kids will like the skateboard though and the wheels do move so that will be fun!


Mikey has a new buddy and may have to borrow Mondo’s skateboard. The skateboard fits nicely in Mondo’s hands too so there are some alternative poses for the adult collector.


Thank you for reading and I hope that I provided you with some good insight on the new Mondo Gecko figure from Playmates Toys which is in stores now!

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