Karai Serpent Figure Review

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Anybody who follows me on Instagram (TheWhiteFootSoldier) knows that I have had a hard time finding the Karai Serpent figure. Initially, I stumbled across Karai at Big Lots but upon further inspection of the figure, I noticed some white paint on the removable serpent head. That was enough to deter me from paying $10 and so the hunt continued up until last week.


The Toys R Us near my brother’s house just so happened to have one Karai Serpent on the peg. This time, a quick scan did not reveal any obvious blemishes. On top of that, the cashier scanned a 15% off coupon so I got this figure for $7.64 instead of the $8.99 marked price (or the $10 Big Lots price).


After opening the Karai Serpent figure I noticed that the tail needed to be attached similar to some previously released figures (ex. Leatherhead).


Unfortunately, just like my Leatherhead figure, the tail did not slot very nicely into the peg. The tail is fairly loose and a very noticeable gap between the tail and body can be seen.


Many of us, including myself, wanted a human Karai figure but this thing is pretty cool! In a perfect world we would get both versions of Karai. As the picture indicates, Karai comes with a serpent head that fits nicely over her human head. The sculpt is pretty solid on this figure and I am very glad that Playmates gave the body a rough, scale-like texture and appearance. The torso is a harder plastic while the serpent arms and tail are more of a rubbery material (especially the arms). The camera makes the paint appear to be blue on the torso but the paint is actually more of a darker violet.


The rubbery arms kind of make up for the lack of articulation as well. This figure features swivel arms at the shoulders, a swivel waist and a ball joint head (which is pretty loose as you will see in a bit). You may also notice that the serpent arm sleeves and serpent eyes on the snake hands are not painted. I really wish the arm sleeves would have been painted as they look pretty bland. Additionally, the tail does not contain any paint detail and the shoulder pads are not blue like the stock picture indicates.


Not really a whole lot to discuss from this view except that Playmates didn’t bother to paint Karai’s hair blonde in the back. That would have been a nice touch but I suppose it wasn’t necessary. The tail really helps stabilize this figure and overall it is actually pretty sturdy for a sculpt of this nature.


Here is a look at Karai with her serpent head on. I am pleased with the detail of the serpent head and I would rather have the eyes painted on it than the hands if I had to only choose one. The teeth are also unpainted on both the serpent head and the serpent hands. That doesn’t bother me but is worth noting in case you are looking for more detail.


I am sure some of you wondered how snug the serpent head fit over Karai’s human head and how much it covered. I’m satisfied with how much it covers but as a forewarning…be careful when removing the serpent head!



The human head is a bit loose and will get stuck in the serpent head on occasion. It can be a little difficult to extract the human head from the serpent head as well (that sounds wrong). It can be done, however, and here is a closeup of both heads. The detail is pretty nice on the human head and I appreciate Playmates using some red paint above the eyes and lips and adding some black makeup. The loose head may be beneficial for those looking to customize a human Karai. The only problem is that the human head is quite tiny and may not look right on a figure comparable in size to the Playmates line. Oh…and sick chops Karai!!


I prefer the human Karai figure that Playmates released back in the 2003 TMNT cartoon days but the Serpent Karai figure holds its own. I feel that this style of figure goes well with the mutant’s trend that is the 2012 TMNT series and action figure line. I think that down the road, heck even as we speak, the Karai Serpent figure will be one of the rarer figures released in this line. As most may recall, the 2k3 Karai fetches a pretty penny nowadays!

Karai has always been a character that I really enjoyed so I am pleased that we got another figure of her, even if it is not the exact interpretation that many wanted. Maybe by the time the 2k12 series concludes we will see another human version of Karai in plastic form.

Be sure to keep checking back for more figure reviews as I received several new figures for Christmas and purchased a few others with Christmas money. Mondo Gecko is on deck. Thank you for reading!

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