A Look At Four New TMNT Figures From Playmates

By February 8, 2015News

Last night, I visited my local Target and saw the basic TMNT figures by Playmates are now coming in the new blister cards similar to the TMNT movie figures that I talked about not long ago. That was not the only new thing that I noticed.

While looking on the backs of the cards, I saw some new yet to be released figures. Here is what I saw.





At first glance, Dark Beaver and Atilla appear to be lacking in the articulation department. I am OK with that because Atilla is quite a large character and wouldn’t be moving much anyway and I will probably pose the Dark Beaver in the same stance as shown. This is all assuming that Playmates doesn’t skimp out on the paint apps as they have been doing a lot lately. If that is the case, these will not be entering my collection (See Mystic Turtles Post).

I am most excited about Napoleon Bonafrog out of these four figures. I loved that Jon Heder voiced this character and it was a funny episode overall. The Punk Frogs have been some of my favorite cartoon characters in this franchise so I am glad that Nickelodeon included them in the new series. I just wish that Playmates would release Rasputin and Genghis to complete the foursome.

Monkey Brains was an interesting onscreen character and in my opinion, the release of his figure is a bit late. We have not seen Monkey Brains since the 11th episode of season 2. Perhaps his late release is a sign that he will be back in future episodes?

I realized while writing up this post that I forgot to take a picture of Muckman, another new figure that is listed on the back of the new cards. I guess I’ll get a picture of him during my next outing!

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