Mystic Turtles Hit Stores…But I Wish They Hadn’t!

By February 8, 2015News

First things first. The episode “Vision Quest” was an outstanding episode and the TMNT outfits were just flat out awesome! So when it was announced that Playmates would be releasing the four Mystic brothers, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

The prototypes of these figures were not exactly what I was expecting to see, as they featured different colored outfits, but they resembled the figures enough that there was still excitement in the air.

Then the figures were released and that excitement turned to anger and frustration. To be blunt, the figures look awful. They are severely lacking in paint apps and look very, very cheap. I have always been a big time figure collector and have supported Playmates, even throughout this series when previous figures were a bit lacking I brushed the compliments aside. Well, the release of these four figures is the last straw.

I could list every single detail that is wrong with these but you can have a look for yourself. I will say this, only because you can’t see from the pics, the wraps on the turtles feet are unpainted and are the same color of green that each turtle’s skin is.


Target did not have Donatello but he doesn’t look any better so you aren’t missing out.




These figures just aren’t worth the $8.99 price tag when Playmates cuts corners. It has already stirred quite an uproar from the fans (see for yourself HERE). I, for one, know that unless something changes and Playmates starts painting their figures again, I will not be spending my money to buy their products. I will be very picky going forward. It is a shame too because the new Nick series is a wonderful cartoon and I am saddened that I can’t support the series due to a toy company disgracing these great characters and stories.


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[…] At first glance, Dark Beaver and Atilla appear to be lacking in the articulation department. I am OK with that because Atilla is quite a large character and wouldn’t be moving much anyway and I will probably pose the Dark Beaver in the same stance as shown. This is all assuming that Playmates doesn’t skimp out on the paint apps as they have been doing a lot lately. If that is the case, these will not be entering my collection (See Mystic Turtles Post). […]

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