Lord Dregg Figure Review

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Most of you probably remember Lord Dregg from the 1987 TMNT cartoon. He was the main antagonist towards the end of the show’s run. Now introduced in the new Nick cartoon during the current 4th season, Playmates Toys released a figure of the character.

Voiced by Peter Stormare, Lord Dregg is the ruler of Planet Sectoid and is the Lord of all insect life in the universe (at least according to his bio on the back of the package). Lucky for me, my girlfriend gave me the Lord Dregg figure as an early Christmas present.


You may notice right away that Dregg is a little more blue than the prototype that was released by Playmates Toys. What you see in this picture, is what you get. Dregg doesn’t come with any accessories, a common theme for the new line as of late, but I am OK with that for this particular figure.


A closer look reveals that all four eyes are painted, a different color of plastic (black) was used for the head antennae, some added pink paint on his head for detail and the torso is a clear plastic with Dregg’s insides being visible. The clear plastic was not only used on the torso for the prototype but for the upper arms too. Aside from a few unpainted parts, that is the main difference between the actual release of the figure and the prototype. I kind of like that they scrapped that idea and went with solid plastic for the arms. You’ll also notice the green on Lord Dregg’s chest indicating his chest rocket. It may seem like a small detail, but I would not be happy if it was left unpainted.


A back view shows Dregg’s wings, which swivel as you’ll notice in the picture below. The figure has the perfect amount of articulation in my opinion. We get a swivel head, hinged upper shoulders, swivel hinge hips, waist swivel, lower arm swivels (at the shoulders), a swivel tail and of course the already mentioned wing swivel. No need for knee or ankle articulation as Dregg needs to stand tall and have that powerful overarching posture. Wrist articulation may have been neat but it may have looked weird as well. As is, Dregg comes off as having solid, crushing arms.


The bumps on Dregg’s hands were left unpainted, initially yellow on the prototype, along with the inner portions of the lower arm pinchers, which were silver in the early photographs. This look gives you an idea of how the wings swivel as well.


A side view shows the splattered orange and pink paint which adds some nice detail to the figure. I’m very glad that Playmates included the paint otherwise the arms would look dull as solid plastic.


A look at Dregg’s tail reveals a solid blue plastic attached to the torso. I would have preferred that Playmates added some color to the tail, such as the splattered paint we see on the arms, but it is what it is. The prototype contained pink paint on the front part of the tail if you are looking straight at the figure. This is also not included in the actual release.


A comparison shot between Dregg and Leonardo shows that Dregg is a little bit taller. Obviously the long, thick arms gives the illusion that Dregg is a larger figure as well.

Currently, Lord Dregg is a Walmart exclusive along with Mozar but both will eventually be finding their way to other retailers. Honestly, I really don’t have many complaints about this figure. In my opinion, Lord Dregg is one of the better releases in this line. This is great news as there have been some complaints about some of the other figures Playmates has released. Hopefully this is a sign that more detail and overall quality will be incorporated into the newer figures. Thank you for reading and good luck hunting down Lord Dregg!!

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