Playmates Toys Mozar Figure Review

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Season 4 of the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon started off with the “Turtles in Space” arc. Naturally, the Triceratons were included to pay homage to the original space comic arc, which shares many of the same story elements.

Playmates Toys jumped at the chance to release figures based off of the turtles entering space. And I am very pleased that they have done so as I love me some Triceratons. So let’s get to this!


Playmates decided to release Mozar as the first Triceraton in their Nick figure line. Often called Captain Mozar or Commander Mozar, this guy is the leader of the Triceraton army. As you can see, Playmates added some new box art for the latest wave of figures and added “Dimension X” to the packaging.


The first thing that I noticed while looking at this figure was the missing silver paint on the boots that we saw in the prototype image. To me it seems so obvious that something is missing even if I had not seen the prototype. But we will get to the paint here in a bit.

The sculpt of this guy is the second thing that really stands out in my eyes. Playmates did a great job of capturing the look of Mozar and the Triceraton body in general. The rough suit with gashes/tears and the spine texture below really stands out. Additionally, the head sculpt captures the rugged look of Mozar as well. Nicely done!


Little details like the grayish parts on the suit also make this figure not look generic and basic. Another important detail in the picture above is the added tail. The tail will not need attached as it comes as seen.


A side view reveals the muscular arms and rough, lizard-like skin of the hands and tail. Mozar also has some spikes protruding out of his upper and lower arms.

I am pleased with the articulation of this figure. We get swivel hands/wrists, swivel neck, rotating waist, articulated hips, arm ball joints and of course the tail also swivels on the ball joint.


Playmates added some nice details such as the broken horn on Mozar’s snout, prosthetic beak, scarred face and two different colored eyes indicating his artificial eye (see first pic for better view).

Now let’s get to some of my complaints. The paint is rather sloppy on Mozar and is lacking in some key areas. You’ll notice the red paint indicating Mozar’s scar was carelessly slapped on and dripped onto his beak. The painted horns are a bit sloppy around the base of the horns and the yellow from the boots got onto Mozar’s legs.

The paint is also lacking on this guy especially when comparing to the prototype. I know that some changes will occur between the two but I wish that a few of the changes had not happened. Particularly the unpainted boots that I mentioned previously. Some of the horns, fingernails and several parts of the suit that are supposed to be gray have also gone unpainted.

Speaking of the fingernails, the hands come across as looking like gloves where the suit comes down into the wrists but the actual hands have a roughness similar to skin. Perhaps this was intentional as a way for Playmates to get away with not painting the nails?

Additionally, I feel that the tint of the yellow paint used on the boots and logos on the suit is too light. It just doesn’t mesh well with Mozar’s skin color. I’m also not sure why the attachment on Mozar’s right shoulder is the same color as his skin?


Mozar does not come with any accessories like the previously released 2003 TMNT version of the character (Btw, if you have the missile for the 2k3 Mozar, I am in need of one and would be interested). I would have loved if the Nick version came with a blaster of some sort, especially when you consider the fact that his index finger is molded to his thumb on each hand and could hold an accessory quite easily!

Currently, Mozar is a Walmart exclusive but will eventually be distributed through other outlets. Walmart, at least in my area, is selling their TMNT figures for $7.93 and Mozar is definitely worth picking up.

Honestly, I can live with the complaints that I have about this figure. I am still a bit irked at the sight of the unpainted boots but the sculpt more than makes up for most of the other lacks in paint. Would it be cooler to have a darker skin tone and rugged appearance? Of course! However, I realize that the main target audience are the kids and brighter colors are more appealing.

I am thrilled to add Mozar to my collection and hope that he is not the last Triceraton figure that we see from the new series. Thank you for reading!

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