Playmates Toys TMNT Bebop and Rocksteady Action Figure Review

Bebop and Rocksteady may not have appeared on the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon yet but they are officially shipping to stores now. From my understanding, these figures will be Wal-Mart exclusives for the time being and then they will eventually be found at other retailers.


The figures are sure to bring back memories to the original cartoon fans as they feature their classic looks but they are also beefed up a bit. Bebop rocks his signature mohawk while Rocksteady sports his signature camo pants (that is if you find the camo pants version, there is an all-white pants version as well).


The sculpts of these figures are great and I could not be happier with their appearance. The paint apps are solid as well. There is a darker colored Bebop figure out there but I only saw the lighter colored Bebop in my area. The only missing paint that I can find is on Rocksteady’s knuckles (as seen in the picture).


Rocksteady has a bit more articulation than Bebop but both feature enough articulation to satisfy. Rocksteady has rotating wrists, shoulders, legs, waist and a ball jointed neck. Bebop has double joints in the shoulders and features articulation in the knees, hips, waist and neck. Bebop also has a wall rolling feature. This means that the figure has a wheel installed between the shoulder blades and one on the back of each foot. This feature sounds like a good idea but all three of my wheels are rather tight and do not allow for the figure to roll very well.




Bebop and Rocksteady each come with two accessories. Bebop comes with a flash bomb and a sticky bomb. One of the accessories has a Z on it, indicating Bebop’s human form “Anton Zeck”. Rocksteady comes with a sickle and a hammer. Rocksteady’s left hand is a bit too closed to fit in an accessory. The plastic is actually quite hard and is difficult to open up to fit the sickle or hammer. Rocksteady also has a rubbery belt/vest that attaches on his back. I do not know if this is removable so I will just leave it at that.







(Look closely and you’ll see Karai Serpent, Stockman-Fly and Mikey Turflytle. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see these figures!)

Both of these figures are very cool and are easily two of the nicest figures in this line so far. That could be the 80’s in me talking but I think that I would feel this way if these were brand new characters. Thank you for reading and be sure to check Playmates Toys for more Ninja Turtle toy news!





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