Sick Day Part 3

By April 7, 2015Reviews

A few days ago I discussed the second episode from the 1987 TMNT cartoon series that I watched during my sick day a few months back. You can see that post here.

The third and final episode that I watched while I was home from work is titled “Michelangelo Meets Bugman”. Bugman is a character who was previously a scientist named Brick Bradley. Brick survived an accident where his DNA combined with the DNA of several insects, thus creating Bugman.


The basic premise of this episode is that Bugman has his own comic book and Michelangelo reads it. The power goes out in the lair and Michelangelo hears some screaming. He finds Bugman/Brick Bradley tied up by a chain. Brick wants Mikey to get rid of the chain and we find out that the chain is made out of Leestanite, which is basically Bugman’s kryptonite. But how did Bugman get this way?

I’ll tell you how! It was that damn Electrozapper, Bugman’s arch rival. The fight between Electrozapper and Bugman, near the power plant hideout of Electrozapper, caused the electricity to go out.

When Mikey hears the story, he decides to help Bugman take on the evil Electrozapper. Michelangelo leaves a note at the lair for his brothers letting them know of his whereabouts. They took the note as a joke but soon began to wonder if Mikey was serious. They went to the power plant and helped Bugman and Mikey defeat Electrozapper. The TMNT also save April while she is trying to get the scoop on the power outrage and gets herself in a dangerous predicament. Electrozapper is arrested and Bugman flies off!

My thoughts on this episode are that it was a fun superhero episode and reminded me of the early Mirage TMNT comic issue #15. That was the first appearance of the Justice Force, a superhero group based in Northampton. I don’t know if the 1987 writers used this book as a reference or if this was simply just a random superhero story. I guess the only thing off the top of my head that is related between the two is that they both have at least one out of shape superhero…

Thank you for reading!


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