About a month ago, I was home sick from work and decided to catch up on some 1987 TMNT episodes. I have been re-watching the Fred Wolf series in order for about the past year or so. There are 193 episodes in all and I have been taking my time, thus extending this journey.

I thought that it would be fun to talk about some of the episodes as I go back through them. There were three episodes from Season 4 that I watched in order.


The first episode that I am going to discuss is titled “Rebel Without a Fin”, season 4 episode 29. My first reaction was “Why does Man-Ray or Ray Fillet look completely different than the comics and the action figure?”. As it turns out. this Ray was based off of Man-Ray but the creators Ryan Brown and comic writer Stephen Murphy were against the idea of having Man-Ray be used as a villain. Therefore, the writers of the cartoon series were forced to change the character’s name to just Ray.

The basic outline of this episode is that Dr. Polidorius creates Ray and uses him to try to blow up the sewers and flood NYC. His plan is create a new Atlantis. April O’Neil, and her nosey newcasting personality, gets herself kidnapped by Ray. Dr. Polidorius turns April into a fish-woman. He does this because he wants Ray to have a mate for when NYC gets flooded and destroyed (an Adam and Eve type of deal).

This was pretty cool! It got me thinking about the possibilities of April being a mutant and how that would affect her relationship with the turtles. Good or bad? I’m not sure but it was intriguing to think about.

The turtles came in and saved the day, crushing all thoughts of April staying in mutant form. April is returned back to normal, Dr. Polidorius is defeated and Ray escapes into the ocean where we assume that he finds life much better than being under the command of the mad scientist. Perhaps they made Ray look half decent at the end to please the creators?

I enjoyed this episode and thought it was an interesting plot. Some of the original toon ideas are out there and unbearable to be blunt. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back for the next episode that I watched on my sick day!

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