Stockman-Fly Playmates Toys Figure Review

By July 2, 2015Reviews

For my birthday this year I received a Stockman-Fly TMNT figure. I was hoping for both Stockman-Fly and Karai Serpent but Yoshi’s serpentine daughter seems to be MIA for whatever reason.

When I first caught glimpse of the Stockman-Fly figure through an email I was very excited. Not only did it bring back some memories from the 87 version of Baxter, but it was a well sculpted, detailed figure. Then came the actual productions of this toy and it was not quite as appealing.



The figure contained several of the same complaints as other recently released figures by Playmates Toys. It lacked paint apps and was hardly articulated….but things got better when I opened it!



However, once I got this figure in hand I went back to my previously excited self. Sure the spikes aren’t painted brown, the teeth and mustache aren’t painted and the knees and elbows contain no articulation but the sculpt itself is awesome looking!


Stockman-Fly contains a set of wings that are a solid light green and can swivel around. I am glad that Playmates did’t use a brown or black color as the light green compliments the figure nicely.



The entire body of the figure must be pink underneath the paint as my Stockman-Fly had a little chunk taken out of his behind, exposing the same color as his shirt.

You can see that the figure contains articulation in the hip area. This doesn’t really provide much though as the figure needs to be configured just right in order for it to stand. The shoulders, waist, wings and neck are also articulated.


This was my first figure featuring the new packaging and aside from the artwork itself, I noticed this difference as well. The bio cards on the back, which I always cut out and save, are a lot larger on the new packaging than the old. Looks like I will have to get some freezer bags to store these in rather than the sandwich bags that contain my older cards!



Stockman-Fly comes packaged with one accessory: a chocolate bar. Who doesn’t love chocolate!? A few Mousers would have made nice accessories for Stockman-Fly but I suppose that Playmates didn’t want to do so as they have made the Mousers available on their own.

Overall, Stockman-Fly is not as great as the original early production email photograph that I received but it is better in person than the pictures I was seeing when the figure was initially released. Does it lack paint and articulation? Yes. But does it look great posed? Yes. At my age, I am looking for a poseable figure that looks great, along with the other figures of this line, next to my Secret Sewer Lair Playset. That’s not to say that I don’t want any detail but Stockman-Fly has enough detail, especially for around $9.00, to satisfy my needs.

Thank you for reading and be sure to keep your eyes open for Stockman-Fly and other newly released Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures!

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