Tiger Claw Figure Review!


The new wave of Ninja Turtle figures have hit the shelves. This series features the four Comic Book Turtles, Robotic Foot Soldier and Tiger Claw. Let’s have a look at Tiger Claw.IMG_2102


I was excited when Playmates announced that they would be releasing a Tiger Claw figure after seeing the character debut in the new Nickelodeon cartoon. Comparing the figure that Playmates released in the early pictures to the figure that is shipping to stores, I first noticed a difference in the paint apps.

The finger nails and toe nails are painted in the promotional picture but the actual figure does not contain paint on these parts.

The promotional photograph also features white paint on the palms of the hands and toes of the figure but again, the Tiger Claw in hand does not contain these apps. One last comment on the paint is that the eye patch is not painted the whole way around the head and the blue scarf almost looks like a different kind of paint. The blue glossy paint on the scarf is actually chipping (as seen in the photo) on my figure already and looks a bit out of place.IMG_2212

Do not let the paint apps deter you from buying this figure, however. The sculpt is very nice and contains some great detail that captures this character. The head features an eye patch and a growling mouth with visible teeth, which reflects the intimidating characteristic that Tiger Claw possesses.



Tiger Claw comes with two accessories which are pistol cannon weapons. They fit nicely in the gun holsters attached to each one of Tiger Claw’s legs.


The articulation is limited on this figure. There is no wrist or elbow articulation which makes it difficult to find a good pose for Tiger Claw when he is holding his weapons. I do like how the arms look without the articulation when viewing the figure from the side. It makes Tiger Claw look bulky and muscular.


A few details that the figure features that I enjoy are that Playmates added the jetpack on Tiger Claw’s back and the stub, indicating his missing tail.


Overall, Tiger Claw has some good features and would be a nice addition to your collection. The paint apps are my main complaint but the figure still looks pretty great! Be sure to visit Playmates Toys for more Ninja Turtle toy news. Thank you for reading and good luck hunting down Tiger Claw!






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