Toy Fair 2015 Wrap Up

By February 19, 2015News

The 2015 New York Toy Fair has come and gone. There were a lot of exciting announcements and featured items from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property. Let’s recap some of the awesome toys that we saw or heard about.

We will start off with the Playmates Toys basic figure line. Some of these figures were already mentioned prior to the Toy Fair but we will include all figures that are upcoming for 2015.

Basic line: Kraang Prime, Dimension X Turtles, Fugitoid, Mutant Shredders, Tur-Flytle, Karai-Serpent, Stockman-Fly, Muckman, Savage Mikey, Head Droppin’ Turtles, Newly Decorated Turtles, Monkey Brains, Mondo Gecko, Atilla, Napoleon Bonafrog, Dark Beaver, Dire Beaver, Mozar the Triceraton, Savanti Romero and ICK, Dr. Cluckingsworth and Spike 3 pack.

If you would like to see pictures of these figures, Toy News International has them here. Below is a great video from Pixel Dan in which he asks the Playmates Rep about the lack of paint on the newly released figures and some of the other recent complaints by the fans. I credit Dan for asking these questions and appreciate it very much. Most of the figures can be seen in the video along with some of the new Mutation figures as well.

Below is a video from Pixel Dan featuring some of the new vehicles that correspond with the basic figure line.

The next video features some of the playsets from the basic line that were featured at Toy Fair including the Secret Sewer Lair 2.0 and the 24″ Leonardo Lair.

All four statues from the Good Smile Company were also featured at Toy Fair and they can be viewed here.

Minimates had their second series of TMNT figures on display and we got a great glimpse at them. The second series will have the four turtles with different accessories and facial expressions, Splinter, Casey Jones, Norman, Chris Bradford and Karai. We also saw some pictures of Anton Zeck and four turtles featuring their original Mirage Comic look (So excited for these!!). Here are some images in a thread on the Technodrome Forum.

The Loyal Subjects were supposedly going to unveil their designs for wave 2 at the Toy Fair. It took several days but some images have leaked out of these figures. Wave 2 is going to feature OT characters rather than a continuation of Mirage characters. The second wave will feature the four turtles (with some changes to resemble the 87 cartoon), Shredder, Splinter, Foot Soldier, Bebop, Rocksteady, Leatherhead and Slash. You can see these designs here. The Loyal Subjects also featured some turtle variants that will be Comic Con and retailer exclusives. We previously posted some pictures of these figures a few days ago.

Some other news from the Toy Fair includes the announcement from Bandai that they will be making TMNT Sprukits. Unfortunately, Bandai was not allowing photographs of these figures. ┬áIt will be very interesting to see what these look like as they should be a higher quality figures compared to the Playmates basic line. That’s all assuming that they are based off of the new Nick cartoon.

Speaking of Playmates, the company announced that they are still monitoring sales and working on the sculpts for the new Krang and Shredder figures, which were slated to be the next figures in their Classic Collection line. I will be surprised if these two ever see the light of day.

Some new characters for the Half Shell Heroes and some new T-Machines were on display this year and those videos can be found below.

I’ve got to say that there are a lot of cool TMNT toys to be excited about for 2015. Hopefully most or all of it gets released. Thank you for reading and that’s a wrap!


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