The Loyal Subjects Splinter Figure Review

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The vinyl figures have become a popular trend lately. We are seeing many great franchises getting the plastic treatment in these styles, including our four heroes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I have been wanting to find a new line of TMNT figures to collect. Not just something random, but something that was well painted, had decent articulation and was worth the price tag. Basically I was looking for a line of figures from a company who understood what an adult collector wanted.

Another important detail for me was a figure line that was not one and done. I wanted a company who planned on releasing at least several waves of figures. The two companies that intrigued me were Minimates and The Loyal Subjects. Minimates were unique looking, and were based off of the great Nickelodeon cartoon series, but seemed a little small for my liking.

The Loyal Subjects were based off of the original Mirage Studios TMNT comics, which I am a HUGE fan of, and included Karai who does not seem to get the respect that she deserves from other toy companies. One of the main selling points though was the Mirage Shredder, Foot Soldier, April and Casey Jones. A part of me died back when NECA had to cancel their second wave that was going to feature Shredder, Foot Elite and the Foot Soldier in their Mirage attire.

Seeing the images online and reading that The Loyal Subject figures were only 3” tall did scare me as I normally collected figures that were in the 5” range and taller. I am glad that I did not get stuck in my old ways, however, and if that is something that scares you too, DO NOT ALLOW IT!

To make a long story short, I decided to go out and look for The Loyal Subject’s line. My first stop at Hot Topic was unsuccessful, which sucked because they were running a BOGO 50% deal for the entire store. My second stop was Barnes and Noble. After scavenging through their tightly packed displays, I managed to find a few Loyal Subject blind boxes.


I love the blind box idea! To me, it brings back those great memories of when I was a kid and collected hockey trading cards. You bought a pack in hopes of getting that rare jersey card serial numbered to 10, or in this case the rare Black Foot Soldier.

With a box in hand, I could hardly wait to get to the car to open it up. The box is nicely decorated and features pictures of all of the figures that you can find in this wave, except for the chase figures which are mysterious outlines of figures. The packaging contains illustrations of early Mirage Studios comic pages as well.





Finally, I make it to the car and I snap open the box to find a foil mystery bag with an outline of Shredder on one side and a turtle on the other.




Next, I ripped into the foil to find….the TMNT’s sensei Splinter!




Immediately the bad thoughts of these figures being too small vanished. What I held in my hand was a very well painted figure (even Splinter’s tiny fingernails are painted!!) with 9 points of articulation, a great sculpt and awesome accessories. Not to mention a sweet little character card.



This figure contains articulation in the neck, waist, arms, wrists, legs and ankles.




The accessories came in a nice little baggie and were not all one color like other companies. Instead, they were painted very nicely with multiple paint apps. Splinter comes with a bow, three arrows, a quiver and his signature cane.


Is there anything that I could complain about? Sure, I could be super nit picky and say that the paint inside one ear is a bit sloppy or that all three arrows don’t fit in the quiver. However, those are minute complaints and don’t even compare to all of the great qualities this figure possesses.


A look at how The Loyal Subjects Splinter compares standing beside the other rats. The LS Splinter was a bit more expensive than say a Playmates figure, $12.95 to be exact, but when you get a quality figure that price is very reasonable.

I may not have gotten the Black Foot Soldier, but I definitely found my new line of TMNT figures to collect! For more information, check out The Loyal Subjects and be on the look out this November for the recently announced TMNT wave 2. Thank you for reading!

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