The Loyal Subjects Donatello Figure Review

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I went to Barnes and Noble a few weeks back and picked up my first Loyal Subjects figure, which turned out to be Splinter. From that point on, I became obsessed with this line. About a week later, I went back to Barnes and Noble and after digging through a messy shelf, picked up their last two blind boxes. What did I get, you ask?


One of the four brothers, Donatello! My girlfriend opened the other box but you will see who she got soon as I will be reviewing that figure as well.

The first thing that I noticed about Donnie was his skin color. It is almost an olive green and I was not a fan when I first saw the colors of the his skin in the designs online. In person though, the skin color does not bother me and I have actually grown to like it.

As with all of the others in this line, Donnie features 9 points of articulation and I feel that number is perfect for the size of these figures. Sometimes too much articulation can make the figure look edgy and almost robotic.


The paint is a bit sloppy on his bandana as the green paint can still be seen on the top of the bandana outline. I am assuming that the purple paint app was added afterwards and they simply did not fully cover over the green. In the first picture, you can clearly see green on Donatello’s left knee pad and some white from the eye on Donnie’s bandana as well. I am not looking for perfection but I would like a nicely painted figure if I am going to be paying $12.95.


The shell is almost blueish/greenish in color, rather than a brown, but I don’t mind it (maybe to allow the brown belt to stand out). The NECA turtles feature this color of shell as well but have a bit of detail to make them not look like a solid green or blue.

The sculpt looks great and I love how this figure looks posed (even from the backside). The head, as with most vinyls, is large but I don’t feel that it is so large that the figure looks silly. In my opinion, the proportions are just right.


The collector cards that come with these figures are awesome! It gives us a little bio about each character, similar to the cutouts on the back of the blister cards of the Playmates Toy’s figures.

Something that sticks out while looking at this card is that Donatello has a tail. I have always been a big fan of the tail look, due to my love of the original comics, and I would have really liked it if TLS would have kept these in the actual productions. Perhaps the tails would have been a bit fragile due to their small size? I am sure that the company had a good reason to not include them but it would have been neat to see as these designs are based off of the Mirage turtles.


Donatello comes with two accessories. First, his signature bo staff which is a medium colored brown with black wraps. The second accessory is very fitting, and well thought out for the character’s personality. It is a wrench….cause Donatello does machines folks! Come on!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very cool! It is hard to tell from the picture but TLS actually applied some brown paint to this wrench to give it a rustic look. It is little details like this that makes this company stand out above all others.


Show us the goods, Don! Here you can see a better image of the bo staff and you can see the rust on the wrench. My only complaint here is that Donnie’s hands were a little tight and I had to pry them open in order to get the bo staff to stick. The good news? He won’t be dropping that bo staff anytime soon!


Say cheese pizza!! ๐Ÿ™‚ The original Donatello 1988 figure and the 2014 Comic Book Donatello are very protective of their little subject (look at those teeth!).ย With all the popularity of the TMNT through the years, Donatello’s head has gotten bigger (my bad joke for the week).

I like this figure a lot overall. The serious facial expression, white eyes, the accessories, brown pads and belt, among other attributes, makes this figure a very nice addition to my collection. I am looking forward to completing wave 1 and getting Donatello’s brothers. That’s a wrap, thank you for reading!


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