The Loyal Subjects Casey Jones Figure Review

By March 26, 2015Reviews

The Loyal Subjects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures have become my new favorite line. About a month ago, my girlfriend and I stopped by Barnes and Noble and picked up their last two TLS TMNT figures. As you may have previously read, I hit a Donatello. My GF opened the other figure and to both of our delight, hit a Casey Jones!


Casey Jones has become a main stay, or at least a fan favorite, in most TMNT universes. This figure is special to me because it is based off of the original Mirage comic look. The first thing I tend to notice are little details on figures. This particular figure features the classic Jones look with sweatpants (TLS even drew on a waist band!), tennis shoes, a cut off red shirt, black tough guy gloves and of course the signature hockey mask.


A side view reveals a pin stripe on Casey’s sweats. Also you can see from a second picture that it was not the lighting that caused the hockey mask to look silver rather than the normal white colored mask we are used to seeing. This is one complaint that I have with this figure but I can live with it. The paint is pretty sharp on this guy with minimal, if any, sloppiness. There was no skimping on paint either as you can see Casey’s mask band is painted the whole way around his head (a complaint of mine from another company’s Tiger Claw figure).


A¬†look at Casey’s backside shows that the waistband is painted the whole way around his sweatpants. The sculpt of this figure is great and one can see even tiny grooves in the bottom of his pants, indicating elastic (hate those in real sweatpants!).


As with the other Loyal Subject figures, Casey too comes packaged with a bio card. If you look closely, you will see the designer’s name at the bottom, Joe Allard. Joe has outdone himself with these designs and he even mentioned that TLS gives him freedom to come up with accessory ideas for each figure that he designs. Go follow Joe on Instagram, he is a great artist and a very nice dude!


Joe knows best! Casey comes with his signature assortment, a hockey stick, a golf club, a baseball bat (a Jose Canseco? Tell me you didn’t pay money for this) and a much needed golf bag to store these weapons in. Notice how detailed these accessories are. Smaller than other companies’ accessories, yet much more realistic and very well painted!


Casey looks great posed with his accessories and could fend off any villain who gets in his way on the streets of NYC with those weapons! I like the white eyes too, giving Casey a darker look.


Here’s how Casey fares standing next to the 2012 Nickelodeon cartoon Casey Jones figure by Playmates. I personally enjoy both figures, and character takes in general, but the overall appearance, accessories and detail gives The Loyal Subjects figure the edge here.

Thank you for reading and be sure to pick up wave 1 of The Loyal Subjects TMNT figures. They are hot items and will only be harder to find when the second wave is released later this year! Don’t like the Mirage look and grew up on the Fred Wolf toon? You are in luck because wave 2 will feature classic characters from that series including Slash and Leatherhead!

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